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Email your photos and article our selection committee will review your application and make their decision. Explain how the magazine will benefit for choosing you as their CoverGirl.


You can Buy your Cover page. Photos must be approved before publishing, Choose your preferred month and title.

Included 10 Complimentary Magazines

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Whenever we don`t have an assigned CoverGirl, you can buy the Cover page to be the next available CoverGirl

Included 5 complimentary Magazines

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4 options are available to become the Next CoverGirl. This is NOT a Contest... YOU ONLY COMPETE AGAINST YOURSELF, NOT AGAINST ANY OTHER MODELS... Whenever you find 25 Sponsors, you automatically become the Next CoverGirl of the first available issue of the magazine of your choice: GLAMOUR MAGAZINE, BIKINI MAGAZINE, TEASE MAGAZINE, or DIVINE TEMPTATIONS MAGAZINE

Supporters and Fans understand and agree that no refund will be issued for supporting their sponsored model and that they will receive a DIGITAL COPY of the magazine ONLY after she gets 25 Sponsorships.... regardless of the time it may take her to achieve it.

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